Introduction to Media Art and Culture (IMAC) is a course of the Media department at the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

The teachers of the course are Teemu Leinonen, Tapio MäkeläEva Durall and Jana Pejoska.

This blog is used as the main communication channel of the course. You will find the basic information of the course also from the WebOodi.

The objective of the intensive three weeks course is to introduce some of the central ideas that form both media art practice and media culture discourse. Several topics related to contemporary media art and culture are discussed to provide media practitioners with a historical, social and cultural understanding of the field.

The course will cover parts of the book New Media: A Critical Introduction by Martin Lister (ed.) with a number of examples from both media art and media culture studies. Each course session will be supplemented with introductions, web resources and reading that the students are expected to explore independently. In the sessions students are also asked to complete short assignments related to the themes being discussed.

The course is based on the Brief History of New Media course started in 2005 and later developed to be the Introduction to Media Art and Culture course. In 2010 – 2014 the Media Art part of the course was developed and taught by Marita Liulia.