In the course we have two kind of assignments:

  1. homework readings, screenings and exhibition visit following classroom discussions
  2. a study done in small groups. The results of the groups’ study work are reported in a form of video essay.

(1) The instruction to do the homework reading and screenings are given in the class

For the exhibition visit there are a little assignment. Please, scroll down to see the instruction.

(2) A study in small group: video essay and voice over text

In a small group you will study media culture related concepts and prepare a video essay about it. The requirements for the video essays are:

  • 2-5 minutes long video explaining the results of your study work.
  • The video must have 2-3 minutes spoken voice over.
  • In addition to the video you should deliver a the text of your voice over.
  • References used in your study must be in listed in the last frames of the video and in the text of your voice over.
  • The videos should be uploaded to a video service of your choice.
  • Send a link to the video and the voice over text to Eva – eva.durall(at) – and Jana – jana.pejoska(at)

We have a list of instructions for you to do your study work and to prepare the video essay:

  1. Make the study work challenging for yourself. Read the relevant articles related to the topic and then set yourself a research questions. Think what you do not know about the theme and study it. Start from your own level
  2. Make it personal. Think how do you feel about the topics under study. Think are there any connection to your own work or life?
  3. Be critical. Present criticism made by others and think why is this so important or is it at all?
  4. Make connections to other fields, people, traditions and explain the context where the topics studied come from? Why is this topic discussed and by whom?
  5. Video essays: Write a scrip and make the video. Sometimes a single image, infographic or diagram is better than a lot of moving things. Make sure your voice over makes sense. Add references.

(3)  Museum visit 

  • Choose one artist and artwork (preferably media art work) and think how would you explain it to a blind person.
  • Make a sketch about the art work (A4).
  • Write short, sharp but personal text in free format and try to answer at least following questions.
    • What? – Introduction of the idea.
    • By whom? – Artist? Find information.
    • Media, format? – Why certain media or format is chosen?
    • Why? – Motives, why the art work is done?
    • To whom? – Who are interested in this? Target group or audience?
    • Context? – What area? What´ s new? Related projects? Historical references?
    • Team? – What kind of professionals are needed to realize the art work?
    • Your experience? – Positive? Negative? Interesting? Disturbing?