Study groups

From this page you will find your study group, the group with whom you are doing your main assignments, the video essay and the group presentation. From this page you will also find the links to the video essays when they are completed.


Group 1:
Video essay: Transmedia & Public Sphere
Disha Roy
Joonas Pernilä

Group 2:
Video essay: Virtual Reality/ Augmented Reality & Lifelogging
Veli Laamanen
Ilpo Jauhiainen

Group 3:
Video essay: Internet & World Wide Web
Lisa Lee
Juuso Patrikainen
Juan Vasquez

Group 4:
Video essay: Free Software/ Open Source & Gender and Media
Andrei Rodriguez
Roupen Bastadjian

Group 5:
Video essay: Society of Spectacle & Audience Reception
Krupakar Dinhakaran
Esa Onttonen